5.5.2009 Panel Discussion: Too Big to Fail? The WTO in the Financial Crisis

Date: Tuesday 5.5.2009 at 17-19
Place: Porthania (P545), Helsinki University, (Yliopistonkatu 3)

Economic Crisis and the WTO: Real and Imagined Consequences

Tuomas Tapio

The presentation discusses various implications of the economic crisis on the multilateral trading system, using historical data to demonstrate similarities and differences between the current crisis and some earlier periods. The threat of increasing trade protectionism is contrasted with other types of challenges, including new forms of economic nationalism and problems of regulatory cooperation.

Spaghetti Bowls of Protectionism? Repercussions of the Financial Crisis on Regionalism in the WTO

Silke Trommer

What are the legal and political problems connected with the rising number of preferential agreements on the global trade stage? What effect will the financial crisis have on the recent trend to conclude bilateral and regional trade agreements? Are free trade agreements liberalizing or protectionist?

Protectionist Tzunami on the Way? Is WTO Dispute Settlement a Floodgate, Umbrella or Life-Raft?

Martin Björklund

What could the impact of the financial crisis be on WTO dispute settlement? If there is a wave of protectionism on the horizon could the WTO deal with it? What could the possible problems be with a surge in protectionism for dispute settlement?