About Us

Ius Gentium, the Finnish Society for International Law, was established in 1983. The Association intends to provide a lively, active and easily accessible forum for those interested in international law and related issues. Ius Gentium encourages its members to actively take part in international legal discussion and activities in Finland, and it supports the studying, teaching as well as research on international law.

Ius Gentium boasts extensive membership ranging from international law professors and researchers to civil servants and lawyers working in various ministries, international organizations and other administrative bodies as well as in the private sector.

The publishing activities of the Association are lively, the main publication being the Finnish Yearbook of International Law published annually by Hart Publishing. In addition, the Association has several other publishing series. The Association also organizes seminars and discussion groups concentrating on questions of recent interest in international law and related fields. Through its members and activities, Ius Gentium maintains lively relations with several international legal scholars, research institutes and legal bodies.